Happy New Year

2020 certainly went out with a bang. For me anyway. On Tuesday I was walking on our prom when I slipped on ice and broke my shoulder – the top of the humerus bone to be precise.

And so, 2021 opens with the prospect of no gardening and no photographs for a while. But it is not all doom and gloom as flower and seed catalogues are starting to drop through the letterbox and I’m sure I can pass some hours daydreaming of the spring and summer garden.

Under the soil, bulbs should be starting to push upwards, ready to breathe in our fresh sea air. From the window, I’m looking at the beauty of the first heavy frosts of our year, and my hellebores are stretching out and opening their buds.

Best wishes to you all, take care (especially on slippy surfaces!) wear your masks and get yourselves vaccinated as soon as it’s available to you – and enjoy your gardens in 2021!


Catherine xx

23 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Oh dear Catherine! I’m sorry to hear about your mishap. I had a good time out of gardening action late 2019/ early 2020 after falling over and breaking right hand in two places. It is frustrating but there are some compensations like you’ve found out as there is more time to to read all those catalogues and plan. Then of course you will deserve some horticultural retail therapy 😄 I also became rather good at supervising himself doing little jobs for me. My tulips have never been as happy as when he planted them. Do take care, keep warm and hopefully heal quickly.

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    1. Thank you Anna, lovely to hear from you. I’ve already started on the horticultural retail therapy! You obviously know the best way to pass time after a broken bone (or two). The garden has been in a deep freeze since it happened and I suspect I might have lost a good few plants, especially in the unheated greenhouse where I would normally have double fleeced everything. I might be able to walk out next week to take a look.


  2. Hope by now your shoulder is well on the mend. The Lupin in the tags drew me to your post…those are beautiful. Eager to see if they return well and how they perform. I just seeded some Gallery series earlier this month, and am wondering if they might bloom yet this year…maybe in autumn?

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    1. Thank you. I’ve read that the Gallery series are good at flowering during the summer months with a same-year sowing, as long as they are sown early in the year, so I think you have a good chance of seeing them this year. 😊 Good luck with them!


  3. Just checking in with you Catherine as I haven’t seen any posts from you on your beautiful garden. I sincerely hope that you have made a good recovery from the injury and that all is well with you and that you are just too busy to blog.
    Jude xx

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    1. Hi Jude, It’s good to hear from you! The bone has healed and I’m starting to get some use of my arm now. There’s still pain, but it seems that’s going to be around for some time yet, though it’s so much easier than it was just a few months ago.

      My main problem with the blog is that I can’t hold the camera very well, but I’m working on that, and there’s been improvement there too.

      I would hope to be able to start posting again sometime in the summer, but I’m not taking anything for granted. I would also love to be able to dry my own hair (without help from husband!) – and drive again 😂 ! This has been a big test of my patience.

      Thanks for reaching out – I appreciate that. 😊

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      1. That injury takes a long time to heal, I know as my mother tripped and broke hers when she was in her sixties and it took a very long time to heal and I don’t think she ever managed to raise that arm above her head again. I hope you make a full recovery. As you say these things affect you in many ways. But I am glad that you are coping (with the help of the hubby) and hopefully we’ll see you on the blog before too long. Take care xx


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