Six on Saturday 2020 19-09

Garden Woes

We’ve just had a new fence built, on one side of the garden, and it’s shared with a neighbour. We didn’t get much notice about the start date, so it was a bit of a rush to get trellis off and untangle multiple climbers. A few had to be cut back and dug up. It was a muddy boots job – this area is part of the already muddy and almost-empty border that’s due for replanting. The new fence is up but it has been problematic and not what I was expecting. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I can’t do anything about it, and I’ve moved on, I’m now trying to think of ‘the 10 best ways to camouflage a garden fence’.

New trellis will have to be put up, though I’m wondering if the rambling rose and two remaining clematis will be able to survive their current predicament. I’ve loosely tied them together and have them hanging on the fence…poor things, they currently have nowhere else to go.

But here’s my contribution to Six on Saturday.

Rosa Gertrude Jekyll

Between wet and windy days this week we’ve had some lovely warm days. On Tuesday we could be found on the beach walking with chasing our grandson who was determined to get to the sea with his lovely white Adidas trainers still attached to his feet. How can a newly-turned two-year-old run so much faster than his grandparents! (No replies please, I already know the answer.)

The warm weather also treated us to a surprise visit from Gertrude, who has a new wardrobe of fresh leaves, plenty of buds and just a little bit Continue reading “Six on Saturday 2020 19-09”

Six on Saturday 2020 12-09

I’d love to share with you, photographs of my trolley full of fabulous plant acquisitions from my first visit to a garden centre since the start of lockdown – but alas my shopping list remained unfulfilled! I couldn’t possibly leave empty-handed, so I bought a Heuchera and a small packet of Iris reticulata bulbs.

It was pouring rain throughout this milestone visit, but my day did brighten when I met my sister there. I haven’t seen her (other than on Zoom) since early March, again due to lockdown. She brought me a dahlia from her garden, ‘Peach Brandy’ which also brightened up my day, but I failed to brighten hers as I forget to bring along the Continue reading “Six on Saturday 2020 12-09”

Six on Saturday 2020 05-09

Autumn has arrived, and I’m still wondering whatever happened to summer. The days are shorter and I’m opening the greenhouse later in the morning, and closing it earlier in the evening. By next weekend I expect that all my Cosmos and other bedding will have been removed and I’ll be complaining about empty borders.

This week I’ve had two days out! Pre-Covid-19, a day in a park and a visit to see a long-time friend would have been ordinary, every-day events, but after a long lockdown, I am cherishing those two days and hopefully I’ll never Continue reading “Six on Saturday 2020 05-09”



I made up my mind earlier this year that I wouldn’t be growing tomatoes. Our youngest daughter’s wedding was booked for July this year and we, plus our nearby family, would be away from home. Summertime, with no family to tend them, and not wanting to put the chore onto friends, I decided it would be best to just give them a miss this year.

But we all know that many weddings have suffered due to the current, awful situation that the county, and indeed the world is in. Our daughter and her fiancé made the Continue reading “Tomatoes”

Autumn Fire

The fallen leaves (below) are from a small cherry tree at the foot of the garden. They tend to land on the path, and when they’re soaked with rain and getting slippy they have to be removed. But while they are there on the ground, their rich colour, shape and texture never fail to make me smile.

Over the years I’ve been fortunate in being able to visit the New England states of Connecticut, Massachusetts and Maine during the ‘leaf peeking’ season. It’s impossible to describe the richness of colour in the trees and peoples gardens. It has always been a thrilling experience and a privilege to see this amazing click image for full post