I made up my mind earlier this year that I wouldn’t be growing tomatoes. Our youngest daughter’s wedding was booked for July this year and we, plus our nearby family, would be away from home. Summertime, with no family to tend them, and not wanting to put the chore onto friends, I decided it would be best to just give them a miss this year.

But we all know that many weddings have suffered due to the current, awful situation that the county, and indeed the world is in. Our daughter and her fiancé made the Continue reading “Tomatoes”

Autumn Fire

The fallen leaves (below) are from a small cherry tree at the foot of the garden. They tend to land on the path, and when they’re soaked with rain and getting slippy they have to be removed. But while they are there on the ground, their rich colour, shape and texture never fail to make me smile.

Over the years I’ve been fortunate in being able to visit the New England states of Connecticut, Massachusetts and Maine during the ‘leaf peeking’ season. It’s impossible to describe the richness of colour in the trees and peoples gardens. It has always been a thrilling experience and a privilege to see this amazing click image for full post