Happy New Year

2020 certainly went out with a bang. For me anyway. On Tuesday I was walking on our prom when I slipped on ice and broke my shoulder – the top of the humerus bone to be precise.

And so, 2021 opens with the prospect of no gardening and no photographs for a while. But it is not all doom and gloom as flower and seed catalogues are starting to drop through the letterbox and I’m sure I can pass some hours daydreaming of the spring and summer garden.

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Happy Christmas

I hope this little message finds you all healthy and happy during these strange and often frightening times. In spite of all the restrictions that we’re living with, hopefully, you and all your loved ones can find joy during this Christmas Season.

Take care, stay safe and we’ll meet up again with all our gardening stories, in 2021!

Catherine xx

A Walk in my Garden

A few years back a friend said to me that paper was dead. We have all this wonderful technology – all books will be digital and paper will soon be redundant. I couldn’t agree less. There’s nothing to beat snuggling up on a comfy sofa with a much-loved book, running your fingers over the paper and turning each page. It might be an old photo album full of fading photographs of great and even great-great-grandparents, a novel, a book of poetry, a family bible or a journal. Words and images on paper – why would we ever want to be without that magic.

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Six on Saturday 2020 21-11

In my little corner of the country, the garden has exhausted itself, and it’s looking sad and very dull, much like the weather. So this week I’m taking a look back to summer. Not only was it a Covid-19 summer, but it was also a dripping wet summer, at least, where I am. So this week my six is about rain. And before you switch off, this was welcome rain; it was light rain that fell gently one night in June and refreshed the garden after an unusually dry, sunny and warm spring.

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Six on Saturday 2020 14-11

It’s been hectic these past two weeks and I suspect it’s going to be like that in the run up to Christmas. I missed last week’s six and didn’t manage to check out all your lovely blogs, but this week I’ll be able to take a tour and say hello.

The garden is in a sad state, there’s been so much rain and I’m tired of digging in heavy, muddy clay. I console myself with thoughts of snowdrops, narcissus, muscari, hellebores, little iris reticulata and more, that will bring colour back to the garden from late winter through spring. Perhaps this autumn will morph into a beautiful crisp winter. 😊

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