Six on Saturday 2020-15-02

Seeds for the Summer Garden

Patience isn’t my strong point when it comes to sowing seeds. At this time of the year, after my seeds have arrived in the post, I just want to go into the greenhouse and start sowing them. This year, I’m waiting until March. I’ll rephrase that…I’m trying to wait until March…but it’s not easy! They’re whispering to me ‘sow me now…’

In past years, seeds that I’ve sown early in the year Continue reading “Six on Saturday 2020-15-02”

Six on Saturday 2020-08-02

Helleborus Shopping

There are times when nothing but a little bit of retail therapy will do. January was a miserable, gloomy month, and February didn’t get off to a much better start.

On Friday morning last week, I’d had enough, and headed out to one of our nearby garden centres. I had Hellebores in mind. Continue reading “Six on Saturday 2020-08-02”

Six on Saturday 2020-25-01

One week today we’ll have reached the end of January, and there’s a lot of new shoots appearing throughout the garden now, some on time, some early. The two pots of Iris reticulata (above) have flowered a bit earlier than I’d hoped, but they’re pretty and I enjoy looking at them from the study window on dark and gloomy wintery days. Continue reading “Six on Saturday 2020-25-01”

Six on Saturday 2020 01-18

We’ve had a stormy week here, one of those weeks where house lights are on all day, every day. It had to get better at some time, and today, winds were lighter and for a while this morning, the sun shone…just for a while…but long enough to brighten my mood.

It was a good opportunity to get into the garden for a few hours. Mostly I was in the greenhouse, and when the sun was out, the temperature inside shot up to a glorious 15C. Continue reading “Six on Saturday 2020 01-18”