Autumn Fire

The fallen leaves (below) are from a small cherry tree at the foot of the garden. They tend to land on the path, and when they’re soaked with rain and getting slippy they have to be removed. But while they are there on the ground, their rich colour, shape and texture never fail to make me smile.

Over the years I’ve been fortunate in being able to visit the New England states of Connecticut, Massachusetts and Maine during the ‘leaf peeking’ season. It’s impossible to describe the richness of colour in the trees and peoples gardens. It has always been a thrilling experience and a privilege to see this amazing spectacle of nature.

However, the downside has been to make me slightly discontent with my choices of trees and shrubs in my garden. To be fair, I really didn’t have a clue what I was doing when I planted this garden, I know I’d make different choices now – but that doesn’t stop me enjoying what colour there is when Autumn arrives.

Fallen leaves of a flowering Cherry

Cotoneasters are dotted around the front and back gardens and never fail to impress. This one has woven through a conifer and its branches hang like fiery pendants peeking through its host. It’s my autumn decoration. 

Cotoneaster interwoven with conifer

The tiny leaves are vivid and are highlighted against the dark background.

Tiny leaves of Cotoneaster horizontalis

The Cornus is mostly hidden, moving it to a spot where it can show off its autumn and winter colours is a job for 2020.

Fiery Cornus leaves in autumn

The berries of the cotoneaster provide much-needed nourishment for various birds and the stems are often quickly stripped.

Prolific berries on Cotoneaster horizontalis

Would I make different choices if I were to start the garden again? Yes, I would. I’d seek out trees and shrubs whose colours would dazzle me in autumn. But then, sometimes you can get too much of a good thing, and perhaps I’d only find that I needed a bit of plainness to offset that riot of colour.

Maybe I’m better just accepting with good grace, that which I already have. 😊

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