Snowdrops in the Green

What an awful day for my Snowdrops to arrive! Fortunately, the winds from Storm Ciara eased off mid-morning, and we were left with a day of hail showers and sunny spells.  But it was so cold!

For a good number of years I’ve been threatening to add some more interest to the winter/early spring garden, and I finally made a start this year by planting more bulbs and buying a few Hellebores and Primulas. Today we found ourselves planting a very modest 150 snowdrops. No fancy or expensive varieties, just the common, but lovely, Galanthus nivalis.

One clump here, please

My husband agreed to venture out and help me, and it didn’t take long to get them in the ground. I placed them, he dug and popped them in. 150 snowdrops didn’t go far, but it’s a start.

Into the ground they go

I still have to go back and snip the flowers off, but that can be done tomorrow. The hail came back with a vengeance while we were clearing up, and I wasn’t going to linger in it.

I’m almost looking forward to next winter already…(please take that with a pinch of salt). 😁



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