Six on Saturday 2020 18-07


It’s been 4 months since we started social-distancing and this week, due to more easing of restrictions we were able to babysit our two grandchildren who live in a nearby town. They’ll be with us during the day on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a few weeks until schools and possibly nursery, return.

On Tuesday we had fun in a nearby park that has a large play area where they were able to run about freely. The lockdown has been hard on youngsters too, with play parks closed, and children unable to go out and play with neighbourhood friends.

Thursday morning was wet, but we took a walk along the prom, though the play park was too wet and slippery to play in. By afternoon the weather had improved and neighbouring children started to emerge from their houses and our two made new friendships. It was heartwarming.

The other event was…drumroll…I got my hair cut on Wednesday – the first day that hairdressers were allowed to open!

Dahlia ‘Arabian Night’

This wasn’t the colour combination I had in mind when I planted this dahlia alongside Achillea ‘Lilac Beauty’. The dahlia was quite a strong red when it opened, but starting to darken down now, and I can’t make up my mind whether I like these two colours together or not. The fact that I can’t make up my mind about them probably tells a story, so it’s a colour combination that I probably won’t repeat. But the plants are lovely… 😁

Rosa ‘James Galway’

Rosa ‘James Galway’ is a bush rose that can be grown as a climber or a shrub. I grow it as a shrub, but it’s now becoming a bit too tall and wide. It’s always laden with flowers and has good, strong stems but recently it’s had a few large stems snapped off after periods of heavy rain and wind. I’ll try to prune it back a bit more severely next February to see if that will help.

Rosa ‘Crocus Rose’

This rose has peachy tones in the centre that open to a rich creamy colour, and it’s a long-time resident in the garden. It’s a David Austin rose, though it doesn’t seem to be sold on the UK site any more but is still available in the US. Oh, and it has a lovely perfume.

Cosmos ‘Double Click Mix’

I love this Cosmos! They’ve been a bit soggy-looking lately with all the rain that’s been falling on them, but this pretty ruffled trio of pinks are looking smart. I have them dotted around the borders, along with Cosmos ‘Dazzler’ and a few Cosmos ‘Purity’

Growing above low-lying stems of Sambucus Black Beauty
Snuggling up to Achillea ‘Lilac Beauty’
And rising above the lavender
Hydrangea ‘Pink Annabelle’

Pink Annabelle was planted a couple of months ago and now a few flowers are getting ready to bloom. It did have two small flowers near the bottom of the plant a few weeks ago, and they still look delicate and pretty. I’m looking forward to seeing what these two flower heads produce.

Background foliage is Baptisia Australis
Early stages – but showing lots of promise
The tiny one, but it’s going to look lovely, frosted in winter
Lavatera × clementii ‘Rosea’

The Lavatera is currently enjoying its third summer (is this really summer?) in the garden, but this will be its last, as I plan to remove it around the end of August. Its purpose was to fill an empty space until I decided what to do with the spot, and it has done that. It’s now grown so large that it’s blocking my route through to a few clematis growing on the fence, that need to be tied in, and fed.

I have a Syringa vulgaris on order, a small tree that will grow to around 2.5 metres (8 feet) and I’m hoping to be able to enjoy the perfume while I’m working the greenhouse in springtime.

Oh, exciting. I’ve just had word that the Syringa and also a Ceanothus are being despatched week commencing 27th July – just in time for my daughter & her family arriving from Aberdeenshire (restrictions permitting). My son-in-law has just finished digging a very deep trench on clay soil for their new garden wall – I wonder how he would feel about doing some more digging. Hmmm…maybe not.  😁

Enjoy your weekend everyone. The forecast for my area is dry and sunny – not warm – but dry and sunny will do. Happy gardening!


To join with other garden enthusiasts from around the world, just take six photographs and post them to Twitter and/or your blog each Saturday. You can get all the details from The Propagator who kindly set it all up.

All photographs copyright of Catherine Wood unless otherwise stated.

31 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 2020 18-07

  1. As always your photographs are beautiful. Your roses are a dream! I think I like that colour combo, but I agree, it is a tricky one. Glad to hear you are now able to have fun with your grandchildren again. Enjoy your week 🙂

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    1. I think when you’re planting florals that you’ve grown in a previous year, it’s easier to get a better idea of the colours rather than relying on images online, or on a label or packet. If I’d grown the dahlia in a pot and just inserted into the border I would move it. Thanks for your nice comment – I hope you have a good week too.

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  2. It’s a wonderful year for roses and hollyhocks in my garden, although I remember moaning that the roses were way behind the rest of the world. Enjoy your family, I mentioned in my post that we had a good day with Mr P and family this week……..the first visit in months.

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    1. I’m glad you managed to get that visit from Mr P, your daughter & family. I’m sure they enjoyed it every bit as much as you.
      I went to your site last night, but couldn’t get the photographs to load. I’ll have another look shortly.


        1. Sorry – I’m not seeing them. I’ve tried on my iPad too and it’s just the same. If you right-click on an image (or where it should be and choose ‘inspect image’ you will see a huge amount of data.

          Clicking on warning sign above will highlight all the faults that the page is showing. Click then on a single image’s file name, and it returns the message status 404 error, which, I think, indicates that the server can’t find your image. If you have moved the image to another place or changed its file name that could be the problem.

          Sorry Granny, but I’ve checked back on several of your posts and I can’t see images there either. Could you ask Jon to take a look and see if he is getting the same loss of image as I am?


          1. I deleted a lot of photos from WordPress media files so it’s probably my fault but last week, WordPress wouldn’t allow me to put any on my post because they said there wasn’t room. I will send the photos and perhaps you can match them to the description.😁 That will be tomorrow, probably, I spent so much time on it yesterday, I’m recovering today!

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            1. I know how you feel! I’ve been there too with website and blog problems!
              I’ll email you at some point later today/evening. Your photos are actually still there, I can see them in the html.
              Will be in touch soon. 😊

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  3. Those Double Click cosmos are amazing! I like the color combo with the dahlia and yarrow. I don’t think nature ever clashes her colors! I don’t have dahlia, but that one makes me rethink that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a nice thought – ‘nature never clashes her colours’. I’ll have to keep that in mind. I love the cosmos too. 😊


    1. Thanks, Noelle – I really love the Achillea – it’s new in the garden this year, and I think I’ll give it a more prominent spot next year.


  4. The roses look stunning. I do love a ruffled pink bloom and a cup shaped apricot one. I think the achillea and the deep red dahlia should work together with some very pale pink. I think the cosmos (which is peeping out in the background of your photo) is what is throwing the combination out – but I could be wrong!
    The hydrangea looks like a lovely variety.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You could be right Mrs B. A soft pink behind the dahlia could balance the photo and add another dimension to it. I’m going to keep that in mind.


  5. More beautiful roses and I rather like that colour combination. The double click mix cosmos are rather fun too. I am growing some new varieties this year which are rather pretty, but also rather tall!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope you manage to feature them on your blog, Jude. I’m always on the lookout for lovely new varieties. 😊


    1. In my early days of gardening, I didn’t give rose perfume a thought, but now I like to buy those with a good fragrance – even though sniffing them close up increases my hayfever. 😁


  6. I think the Dahlia and Achillea go together well enough colour wise but the Dahlia is so dark and the Achillea so pale that they’re hard to look at together. I find I’m looking at one or the other mostly, not both. I know my camera would make a considerable adjustment to the exposure depending which I pointed it at. You’ve also finally convinced me that I need to ty again with Cosmos, they’re lovely.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think you’re right Jim. The fact that the dahlia is also a larger flower increases the colour weight and really knocks the balance out. Gardening is all about finding a way through your mistakes and trying not to repeat them!

      Cosmos? Yes – you’ve got to get some. 😁


  7. Gosh, some more lovely roses! I’m really envious of your beautiful roses. I like the colour combination of the dahlia and the yarrow… I haven’t seen lavatera in years, and I remember how striking the flowers are. Your Cosmos are really pretty too. Lovely Six as usual!!

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