Six on Saturday 2020 04-04

It’s been a busy week. Busy in the garden and busy with family matters. My son, three daughters and their families are all under varying degrees of lockdown, here at home, in the US and Australia. So messages and FaceTime calls have multiplied and devices have been pinging throughout the day. This isn’t a complaint, I’m delighted to be able to talk to them and hear how they’re coping with this strange lack of freedom, and how they are managing to keep their children occupied during the day, and for some, also work from home.

It’s been a week of mixed weather, with the only Continue reading “Six on Saturday 2020 04-04”

Six on Saturday 2020 28-03

We’ve had a couple of days of rain and cold winds this week, but in between showers I’ve managed to get into the garden and finally finish pruning, feeding & mulching the roses. Some seeds were sown, and new plants potted up.¬†While I was doing that my husband was working his way around the borders, weeding and generally tidying up. Although there’s no tall growth in the borders yet, the garden is looking heaps smarter than it did last week.

Prunus ‘Mikinori’

This small tree has grown faster and taller than I expected, but it won’t outgrow the space that it’s in. I think it’s probably just over 7′ tall at Continue reading “Six on Saturday 2020 28-03”